Nexum: Optimum combination of technology and creativity

We were established in 2000 in Istanbul. As the world wide web grew, so did we; needs have changed, so have we. To this day, we have produced B2B, B2C, B2E and special software solutions for more than 100 domestic and foreign companies. Our content management system, called Impleon, which we developed to manage more than 150 websites of more than 14 brands of BSH in more than 40 countries on a single platform, continues to develop in line with new demands coming from different companies. As a Microsoft Gold Development Partner, this software is developed by .NET and is being used by many other companies such as Pegasus, Cinemaximum, HayatSu, KKTCELL. In addition to corporate websites, we continue to develop the iOS and Android mobile applications with great enthusiasm since they first appeared.

While the software side continues to work, on the design side, it was of course impossible for us to remain indifferent to the changes in the user interface world. As the number of screens and digital content entered into our lives increased, the user experience became one of the most important issues. While designing our user interface, we have adopted the most important principle as to prioritize user experience and demands. We continue our work in this direction.

We constantly strive to improve and change ourselves in line with the evolving and changing needs of the digital world. We have set our goal to be a long-term reliable business partner of our customers since the first day we were established. We will be happy to see you among us.

  • Deloitte Fast 50
  • IMA - Interactive Media Awards
  • The Communicator Awards
  • Altın Örümcek
  • Kristal Elma
  • Horizon Interactive Awards
  • Bilişim 500
  • IBM
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