Web Analysis Consultancy

Web sites are today’s powerful tools to reach customers. Web measurement is a must for the best possible return on technical and marketing investments on websites. In light of the measurements, a result-oriented analysis should definitely be conducted to support the corporate goal and strategy. Web analysis consultancy covers the measurement of channels determined in line with the success criteria important for the company, and the analysis to develop and improve the web site based on the measurements. Thus, companies gather the data required to implement the appropriate online marketing strategies.

Nexum’s team, highly experienced in web analysis, offers consultancy services for companies to ensure that their web site strengthens their marketing initiatives and provides greater return on investments.

Adobe Digital Marketing - Omniture

Known as the first and most common software by Omniture, a leading online marketing software provider, Site Catalyst is a top segment web analysis application. Following the acquisition of Adobe, it became a part of Adobe Digital Marketing Suite - online marketing optimization applications.

Adobe Digital Marketing Suite online provides real time and result-oriented information on marketing strategies and initiatives. Adobe Digital Marketing assists in defining the most profitable routes on websites, determining the popularity of other websites among visitors and evaluating the success of online marketing campaigns. Adobe Digital Marketing allows the measurement, analysis and development of all online and multi channel initiatives on a single platform.

Advantages of Adobe Digital Marketing include:

  • Most advanced video measurements and reports for video performance.
  • Correct identification of mobile visitors
  • Efficiency test for Web 2.0 tools
  • Detailed trend reports
  • Preparing automatic notifications according  to KPI expectations

GOOGLE Analytics

A Google product, Google Analytics is a web analysis tool that provides information on web site traffic and the efficiency of companies’ marketing activities.

Advantages of Google Analytics include:

  • Integrated operation with AdWords and AdSense
  • E-commerce reporting by following returns such as sales and other campaigns
  • Monitoring Mobile, flash, video and social network applications

Data collection from Google Analytics, part of a leading ads and analysis tool kit including AdWords and Web Site Optimizer, is just as easy as placing a Java code on pages. Offering such appealing features, Google Analytics is a free of charge tool, which makes it the world’s most commonly used analytics tool. Our experienced team provides consultancy services for customers so as to ensure correct and maximum benefit from all the features of this tool.

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