Social Media and Content Management

Social Media and Content Management

In an age that bears witness to the rise of content and entertainment marketing, Nexum actively employs social media in promoting brands.  For Nexum, “social media” is not limited to being one of today’s popular channels but a permanent medium that should be subject to stable and long-term planning. Therefore, Nexum, never neglecting global tendencies and trends, documents its activities in reports and regularly shares these reports with its customers.

Nexum is well aware that production and management of quality contents is critical to being followed and shared. For this reason, creating the kind of content that drives users to share is one of Nexum’s major targets in management of social media accounts and expansion of its projects. Experienced in putting itself in its customers’ shoes when offering content services, Nexum employs the corporate rhetoric of its customer companies and represents them in the most appropriate manner in the digital media.  In addition, it features weekly and monthly status reports on a regular basis to facilitate business follow-up for customers who cannot allot time to follow their projects.

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Mars Media website is renewed!

Mars Media has been renewed with Impleon infrastructure and now is on air with its colorful design.

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