SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Today, the web is a vital tool to deliver a product or service together to its target audience in a fast and cost-effective fashion. What determines the quality of a web site is its visibility to the target audience. In this case, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) concept refers to the necessary steps towards boosting traffic volume of the target audience and improving website quality.

Nexum is eager to provide more “visible” websites to the target audience through its SEO Consultancy.



SEO Consultancy Services offered by Nexum are as follows:

  • SEO Analysis: Covers the assessment and reporting of current search engine results for the website, and the determination of a roadmap for the following steps.
  • Key Word Analysis: Covers the analysis of key words to be used for delivery of the product and service to the target audience, and for creation of the content and preparation of the usage recommendations.
  • Development of SEO Friendly Infrastructure: Covers technical and technological improvements to be implemented on the website based on the SEO analysis reports, and the roadmap to be determined.
  • Content Development: Original content is always valuable when it comes to search engines. In this context, it covers the creation of meaningful and original contents.
  • Optimization Training: Covers the trainings to be provided when necessary, and preparation of the documentation related to these trainings.

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