Recruitment and Placement Process

Recruitment and Placement Process

The recruitment and placement process starts with the determination of human resources requirements through workforce planning. Vacant positions are announced via

  • Social media (linkedin, facebook, twitter)
  • University collaboration





All applications for vacant positions are stored in the Nexum database. For vacancies opened in line with workforce planning, this database is searched to determine candidates who fulfill the required main criteria, and the recruitment process commences.

Interviews are organized by our Human Resources Department. Although the interview procedure may vary between departments and positions, every applicant is expected to attend at least two interviews at which Human Resources Specialists and executives of the relevant departments are also in attendance.

All applicants are assessed according to their competencies in establishing and developing interpersonal relationships, taking initiative, being open to communication and self-development, and assuming a customer- and quality-centered approach. For managerial positions, the skills we look upon most favorably are the ability to encourage team spirit, and to act as a coach and mentor who can detect employee performance standards and areas of improvement, and enhance their knowledge and skills. In addition to these abilities, we also place great emphasis on compliance with our values and corporate culture. On determination of the above mentioned competencies, applicants will take technical exams, foreign language proficiency tests and be subjected to project and portfolio evaluations.

Following the interview and assessment procedure, references of successful applicants will be checked. The Human Resources Department prepares and submits a written employment proposal to those applicants with affirmative references. The Human Resources Department notifies unsuccessful applicants following the interview process via e-mail, and their applications are stored in the database so as to be assessed for other vacancies.

Nexum Internship Program

We welcome enthusiastic, passionate, flexible, result-oriented and creative young interns to the Nexum family.

Because we aim at;

  • Ensuring that young people start out their career one step ahead,
  • Helping them learn the job through actual work experience and develop themselves,
  • Raising their awareness about professional life, business areas and positions.

The successful applicant should;

  • Be studying in the 3rd or 4th year of a department such as Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mathematical Engineering, Mathematics, Information Management Systems or in departments from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Have a good command of English
  • Preferably, have previous experience of internship or part-time working

Assessment stages are as follows:

  • The Human Resources Department conducts a brief phone interview
  • Human Resources sends a project from the relevant department, and assesses the project output
  • HR organizes a competency-based interview with the successful applicant

Scope of the program:

  • The internship duration is a minimum of 2 months. No fixed period is defined for internship; interns are accepted in any period.
  • Interns learn by doing; they participate in jobs and projects assigned by the supervisor of the department in which they are an intern.
  • Following the internship, interns may be considered for potential vacant part-time or full-time positions that may arise, taking into account company needs and their performances.

The Buddy System

A member of staff acts as buddy to the newly-recruited employee to help him/her quickly adapt to the corporate culture and the position. Human Resources and the department manager determine the buddy and the orientation supervisor of the new employee before employment commences, and the employee is informed about the system and introduced to his/her buddy and orientation supervisor on the first day of their employment. The “buddy” employee takes lunch together with our new colleague throughout the week and answers his/her questions about general operations for a month. This practice helps our new colleague quickly obtain information and documents related to general operations, administrative affairs, general requirements, and work flow.

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