Mobile Application Solutions

Mobile Application Solutions

Mobile applications, a rapidly developing segment of the global mobile market, include a software program running in the mobile hardware and fulfill certain tasks for mobile device users. Since mobile applications feature many functions from navigation to communication, and from location based games to other entertainment software, they attract substantial attention.

Developed by Nexum, the application interfaces guarantee companies and their customers the best user experience on different devices. Considering user habits in all in-house and off-site applications developed on iOS, Android and Windows 8 operating system for different needs, Nexum offers its outstanding design competencies.

Akbank Windows 8 Application

With Akbank Windows 8 Application users can calculate loans and apply online via the application and  can also find the nearest Akbank branch or ATM easily.



TRT PepeeTV Application

TRT PepeeTV mobile application enables users to watch episodes online and offline. The application, which has simple and usable interface, has been designed for children to use easily. İş Ara Application İş Ara Application enables users to follow current job opportunities and to change their photos, contact information and work experiences easily. And also users can update their CV's one-touch.



TRT Haber Application

With TRT Haber Application, you can access the latest news instantly and share with a variety of sharing options. The Application brings up all the daily national newspaper covers. You can listen to TRT Haber radio while reading the news.



Star TV Application

With social television feature, while watching live broadcasts, you can follow any hashtags about those broadcasts and you can also tweet via the application.




Ntv Hava Durumu Uygulaması

NTV Weather Forecast 

The weather will surprise you no more, since you will be fully up to date with the NTV Weather Forecast Application. Whatever the city, the application on your mobile devices will keep you informed of the weather conditions.



Eti Form iPhone Application

Women especially will rejoice with our new Eti Form iPhone Application! Stay on top of your daily calorie intake and burning  with this application, and simply enjoy your healthy and fit lifestyle.



TRT Mobile Application

With our brand-new TRT Mobile Application, you can watch your favorite series everywhere on your mobile devices. The application allows you not only to follow all TRT broadcasts live but also -for the first time anywhere in the world- to watch saved broadcasts anytime you want.



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Mars Media website is renewed!

Mars Media has been renewed with Impleon infrastructure and now is on air with its colorful design.

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