Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint

Setting up intranet, extranet and internet portals, and providing effective information repository usage and management are both expensive and time-consuming for companies. Microsoft SharePoint is a platform which enables all corporate workflows to occur through the portal infrastructure, features a document management system and capacity to integrate with other applications, and provides all these functions over a scalable and reliable infrastructure.  In addition, SharePoint is frequently used as a website infrastructure thanks to its stylish interfaces that will enable companies to be one step ahead in digital marketing.

Advantages of Microsoft SharePoint include:

  • Providing an information center for company staff and a collaborative environment
  • Quick and easy access to information through its advanced search functions
  • Providing manageable web sites thanks to web content management
  • Providing a working infrastructure fully integrated with the Microsoft Office family
  • Processing corporate data and delivering data to the end user through reporting applications
  • Record management and official document management with digital signature
  • Central document management system which can be connected to workflows and record management
  • Communicating with remote points such as business partners and dealers through a single interface

Nexum provides customers with the services they require in the SharePoint projects thanks to its large software team experienced in a wide range of software platforms, its experienced business analysts who can conduct the best needs analysis and provide the best available solutions, its project managers, and its interactive agency.

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