Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing services include all efforts to raise company recognition in the market, and helping companies establish interaction with their users and/or consumers. Boasting an experienced team and many marketing awards in this field, Nexum designs and develops games, campaigns, and micro sites related to the products and services that companies desire to promote in line with their marketing strategies.

Nexum understands that what companies need most in an ever-changing and developing internet world is a reliable business partner, and acts accordingly. Nexum considers its customers as long-term business partners in the field of digital marketing, informs them of all technological innovations and trends, and commits itself to continuously developing new projects for them.


Website and Mobile Site Solutions

Nexum develops projects to meet digital marketing needs of companies through website and mobile site solutions provided as part of Digital Marketing services. Nexum provides the optimum combination of design and technology...

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Mobile Application Solutions

Mobile applications, a rapidly developing segment of the global mobile market, include a software program running in the mobile hardware and fulfill certain tasks...

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Campaign Management, Microsites and Advergames

Aware that campaign management is as important as the perfection of the idea, design and application, Nexum provides campaign management solutions for companies...

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Social Media and Content Management

In an age that bears witness to the rise of content and entertainment marketing, Nexum actively employs social media in promoting brands. For Nexum, “social media” is not limited to being one of today’s popular channels...

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Web Analysis Consultancy

Web sites are today’s powerful tools to reach customers. Web measurement is a must for the best possible return on technical and marketing investments on websites. In light of the measurements...

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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Today, the web is a vital tool to deliver a product or service together to its target audience in a fast and cost-effective fashion. What determines the quality of a web site is...

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Nexum News

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Mars Media website is renewed!

Mars Media has been renewed with Impleon infrastructure and now is on air with its colorful design.

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