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Since our establishment in 2000, we have been creating significant career opportunities for employees through continuous growth and international projects. We provide employment opportunities for our interns. We support our junior, mid and senior employees in every department in their efforts to advance in their career and become project manager, department manager and partner. Taking advantage of our multiple areas of service, we provide our employees with the opportunity to transfer across departments.



Software and Digital Marketing

  • Analyst Developer: Exhibits flair for taking advancing technologies into account, and draws on his/her knowledge of various technologies to develop the most suitable and highest quality solutions for customers.
  • Database Administrator: Responsible for developing database architecture, coding standards and quality assurance policies; monitoring and improving performance to enhance efficiency and effectiveness; solving database issues; ensuring application security and improving the process.
  • Mobile Application Developer: Exhibits flair for taking advancing technologies into account, and draws on his/her knowledge of mobile applications to develop the most suitable and highest quality solutions for customers.
  • Web Interface Developer: Develops user interfaces designed by web designers, using HTML/CSS according to international standards.
  • Web Content Management Specialist: Enters and manages contents according to customer needs, keeping in touch with the customer.
  • Business Analyst: Receives requests and additional development demands from customers; analyzes their needs; prepares an analysis document and delivers it to the software team so that they develop the applications.
  • Software Test Specialist: Develops test plans and tests software in order to detect software problems and results of such problems, and generate quality solutions.
  • Software Support Specialist: Provides support for customers, employees and management by addressing customer problems on time and training customers in the correct use of software.
  • Web Designer and Art Director: Generates creative ideas, develops interactive strategies to design and provide high quality designs.
  • Social Media Specialist: Developing social media strategies, social media specialist plans and implements social media campaigns  that enhance the reputation of both clients and the business.
  • Digital Content Editor: Developing creative content strategies, digital content editor generates unique content to add value to the online marketing communications and social media platforms.


  • Web Analysis Consultant: Helps to draw the attention of a wider audience by creating websites that strengthen companies’ marketing initiatives and ensure higher return.
  • CRM Consultant: Provides companies with the kind of solution that enables them to manage all business processes, from the first meeting with the customer to after-sales services, one that will let no detail escape the eye.

Project Management

  • Project Manager: Manages financial resources and human resources, from the sale to the final stage of the project, and ensures that the project is completed in the scheduled time, meeting the expected level of quality.
  • Technical Project Manager: Responsible for determining technical infrastructure, from the first to the final stages of the project, and directing the team based on technical requirements. 
  • Assistant Project Manager: Serves as a bridge between the customer and the team, and ensures completion of the project in the scheduled time, at the expected level of quality.

Sales and Marketing

  • Sales and Marketing Manager: Sets sales targets and develops sales strategies accordingly, coordinates sales and determines sales potential and investment requirements by tracking customer needs.
  • Account Manager: Possessing comprehensive knowledge on each service and solution provided by Nexum, customer managers ensure maximum customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs, developing projects to meet these needs, maintaining continuous communication with the customer, and addressing customer needs on time.
  • Marketing and PR Specialist: Manages planning and implementation process related to the development and promotion of services and solutions provided by Nexum, and carries out public relations activities in cooperation with the PR Agency.

 Shared Services

  • IT Systems: Enables employees’ secure access and use of the system and seamless operation of the IT infrastructure.
  • Human Resources: Manages human resources by performing selection and placement, remuneration management, performance and career management, training management functions, and contributes to the improvement of sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Accounting & Finance: Manages company finances through financial controls and reports, and supports strategic management.

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