B2B Solutions

B2B Solutions

Information technologies utilized by companies in the organization of business processes and their business relations with partners grow by the day in number and nature. In parallel with these developments, the role of data management in system integration and workflow optimization has grown in significance. This being the case, as well as the technology in hand, good project management skills play a major role in system integration.

Thanks to the great number of various sized projects it has developed at local and global scale, Nexum has developed profound project management skills. Independent of technology, Nexum enjoys the advantage of these skills in establishing a successful integration among companies and partners.

B2B solutions Nexum provides include:

  • Dealer Network Automation
  • E-Purchasing Platforms
  • Field Automation Applications
  • Demand/Supply Management Applications

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Mars Media website is renewed!

Mars Media has been renewed with Impleon infrastructure and now is on air with its colorful design.


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